Producer Specifications

• Must be assertive, organised and able to work on own initiative.

• Must have a passion to solve problems, schedule deadlines and milestones and be able to demonstrate clear working pipelines to a development team.

• Excellent communication skills are extremely important, as a producer will communicate across the whole development team, as well as outside connections to maintain contacts.

• Must be willing to work under pressure on a daily basis, and be able to push a product from concept, through development phases right up to publication

• Understanding the inner workings of a game and its construction is advantageous, as the product is the producers priority.

• Versant in developmental processes in concept art from idea to completion.

• Must be business oriented, and be able to extract the best from the team and strive for quality.

• Working within a development environment for at least 2-3 years

• Excellent computer skills including experience with Microsoft Office tools

• Experience with other development tools and game engines is a bonus.

• A level qualifications as a minimum.

• 2:2 degree or higher.

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