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"Play along with the music, to paint your perfect picture"

Take on the role of the magical crystal Ongaku, as he travels through the fantasy kingdom of Melody, with help from his creator Harmony.

The evil musical deity Discord has brought about chaos throughout Melody; help Ongaku restore worlds back to their former glory by using his special painting magic, all done to a variety of music scores.

Will the worlds of Melody forever be in discord or can you paint to save them all?

Art + Music = Masterpiece!
As you pop the paint bubbles in time to music, create the artistic masterpiece and bring the canvas to life.

Discover your inner artist, with your own music, pictures and even videos!
Ongaku lets players use their own music, pictures and videos in the game to create their own levels; play what you want how you want.

Rhythm action kept simple, but made special!
With two ways to play the game; players new to music games can ‘scoop’ the paint bubbles with ease, then replay for better scores by ‘tapping’ in time to the music.

Imaginative and vivacious visuals.
The kingdom of Melody thrives on its unique and original artwork; each background is full of unique, lively and fun-filled creatures.