The SmashMouth Team are comprised of talented Game Developers, who also work within the education sector. The Team have contributed to the development of a number of Computer Games courses within the North West, and continue to teach and mentor students at numerous institutions.

We also provide an ongoing service to students looking for advice and support within their academic careers, whilst providing them with an insight into working within one of the most competitive industries today.


The Gameworks offers undergraduate artists, designers, programmers and sound engineers the chance to collaborate, create and release professional quality Xbox360 and Windows based games.

Led by the award winning SmashMouth Games Development  Team, you`re in the safest hands yet. Real industry professionals, real industry standards. What are you waiting for?



Dedicated to the development of casual, fun and pick up and play games, SmashMouth Games houses a talented and varied team of developers.

We cover all aspects of development; Management, Design, Art, Sound/Audio, Programming and Animation.

With an expert team of experienced developers, we can provide practical solutions across a whole spectrum of formats.



Our multi-faceted team covers a wide range of experience and solutions within varied industries. We can provide instruction, support and practical procedures to facilitate the business needs of your company.