Artist Specifications

• Must be passionate about aesthetics and graphical presence in computer games.

• The ability to cater for numerous styles and outputs is advantageous, and should show this capability through a varied and strong portfolio.

• Must be able to adhere to strict briefs and specifications, whilst bringing initiative and imagination to the team, ultimately bettering an idea.

• Excellent communication skills are required as the concept artist will liaise constantly with other team members, generate ideas and take part in critique and feedback sessions.

• Must be willing to work alongside a senior artist and have a thirst to learn everyday.

• Must be passionate about games, and understand the developmental processes in creating games.

• Versant in developmental processes in concept art from idea to completion.

• Must present a working portfolio of at least 3 years work in the concept art field.

• Strong computer skills including knowledge of Photoshop, 3ds Max, ZBrush and Maya.

• A level qualifications as a minimum.
• 2:2 degree or higher.

> Overview
> Art
> Design
> Production
> Programming
> Sound and Music