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Ben Norris - General Manager - Futureworks

"Futureworks and SmashMouth Games have developed a unique relationship which we at Futureworks are extremely proud of.  Hosting SmashMouth Games in our city centre facility, we benefit from the experience and knowledge of their staff, as well as their wealth of industry contacts."


At SmashMouth we strive for new and innovative ideas for the Gamer of Today, because our motivated team of specialists possess a wide range of skills necessary to succeed in the Games Industry of Today.

As well as developing for in-house projects, we also offer outsource services using our team of full time and freelance specialists. Depending on the scale of the project, we will use the best means of communication and development to ensure we facilitate your business needs.

2D/3D Art

Using industry standard tools such as 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and After Effects, we can cater for your projects needs within this creative bracket. Our versatility to work within your art pipeline will enable us to successfully delivery assets on time and to high standard.

Promotional Artwork

If its a new logo, poster art or box art you require, we will produce artwork at the highest standard and adapt to your given specification and output.


Got an idea you need fleshing out? Do you need some creative input on a developed concept? Or do you need management solutions to safeguard your projects achievability? We can work with you in identifying what your ideas could become, helping you to realise them, whilst adapting them to your projects schedule.


From sound effects to music for your game, our sound & audio team will work closely with you to capture the essence of your project; any genre.

Project Management

Every project is different; we appreciate that. Whilst it is sometimes difficult to measure the scale of a project with its resources, we can dedicate our time into creating a streamlined infrastructure, which monitors project components and communication pipelines. We can also pinpoint project milestones with the best production practices tailored to the project.


Ranging from small individual assets to fully animated scenes, our team of specialists can create animations quickly and efficiently from your specifications. We also cater for various output formats, ranging from mobile phone to full high definition.


If its creating gameplay mechanics, developing special effects or problem solving, our highly experienced and versatile team of programmers can integrate themselves successfully within your existing practices to facilitate your content delivery.