Unlike weekend game development camps, The Gameworks runs full time for 4 weeks over the summer, providing you with a greater amount of research and development time. Held at the Futureworks campus in Manchester, The Gameworks attempts to make a real impact on your university grades and improve your employability after education by emulating the workflow of a real games studio as closely as possible, in a compressed time-frame.

As an individual or as a group of friends, The Gameworks will help you to get the most out of your studies alongside that all important game demo for your CV. You don’t need to enter as an entire studio - teams will be assigned based on the requirements and demands of a medium-sized game studio consisting of around 10 employees.

The Gameworks development camps run for 4 weeks at a time. To achieve the effect of a real game studio you would be expected to commit full-time over the 4 week period – treating it like a real job.

To find out more about how Artists, Programmers, Designers and Audio Engineers can apply for the Gameworks please visit and apply now!