Mart Palmer – Technical Artist – Travellers Tales:

"The day that Zuby joined the CVG course at Salford, with him, came fresh advice, perspectives and effort amongst other relevant things I believe were key at the time in making me feel motivated and confident towards getting into the industry."

Richard Tyrer - Designer at Climax Studios:

"Working with Zuby was a real pleasure and helped me realise and focus my ideas into solid functional design that worked technically and creatively. Simply put I would not be the designer I am today without the experience gained from working with Zuby at Smashmouth and Salford"

Waseem Punnu – Dev Artist – Major UK Development Studio:

"Whilst working with Zuby, he taught me that you need to be dedicated to creating something amazing and have a second to none work ethic. He certainly practices what he preaches and above all he is passionate about what he does...making great games!"




SmashMouth Games is involved with numerous educational institutions across the North West, teaching on numerous courses, from Foundation Level to Degree Level. Within these courses, key disciplines within Games Development are covered, from Art and Design to Production, Business and Industry Perspectives.

Depending upon the academic needs of the institute and its clients, we provide a specifically tailored approach, thus facilitating the route of students from education into industry.

Our High Standard Implementation Approach provides a vocational delivery of content material, married to relevant theory.

This Industry Standard approach to delivery maintains successful achievement of learning outcomes, whilst ensuring students are Fit for Practice, Fit for Purpose and Fit for Award.

Currently, SmashMouth Games is teaching on the following courses at the following institutes:

University of Salford:

B.S.c Computer and Video Games

• Designs Level 1-4
• History & Analysis Level 1-2
• 3rd Year Project Pre-Production and Production
• Industry Perspectives


B.A. (Hons) Games Design

• Introduction to Design
• Historical Contextual Studies

Foundation in Game Art

• Introduction to 3d Modelling
• Art Practices in Industry
• Documentation and Concept Design
• Character and Environment Modelling and Texturing
• Portfolio and Career Development

Foundation in Game Programming
• Introduction to C++ Object Oriented Programming
• Exposure to Programming in the Windows environment
• Walkthrough of the Direct 3D graphics pipeline
• Discussion of industry best practices

We believe that being realistic about the game industry is the first step to understanding how difficult, and yet rewarding, it can be in the long run. We constantly push students to improve on a practical level, as well as developing soft skills to become versatile in their desired role.

We also offer opportunities to students and graduates in the form of work placement, where they can gain first-hand experience of Game Development.

Added bonuses from work placement within SmashMouth may also include networking with other industry professionals, mention within the credits of upcoming titles and working with a large pool of creative knowledge.