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"Drag Tag Smash"

Drag Tag Smash is the fast paced game that is very simple; drag the sphere, to tag the invaders, to smash them to smithereens. Players can expect to score trillions as the game prides itself on focusing on taking traditional game elements, like the score, to the next level by using a unique 3 tiered scoring system. Drag Tag Smash also features a very dynamic electro soundtrack, which builds up with intensity, emotion and variety the more the player tags enemies to destroy them. Drag Tag Smash features:

  • Infinitely spawning enemies for infinitely massive scores
  • Score trillions with the Smash Score System, then post online to Facebook to impress your friends.
  • The more you destroy the more music you get; the Retro-Electro soundtrack is driven from destroying enemies
  • The game dynamically changes its difficulty depending upon your actions.
  • Instant action with simple pick-up and play controls.